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About Us

Canadian Cyber is a Toronto based Canadian cybersecurity services organization led by Waqar Mehboob. Waqar specializes in helping clients with ISO 27001 and SOC 2.

We can provide you with trusted professional advice and support for all your cybersecurity needs, including server security hardening and compliance with industry standards. Our clients trust our expertise. We go above and beyond by providing not only advice but also the resources and skills necessary for implementation. Our services include consulting and implementation for ISO 27001 , SOC 1 & SOC 2, CIS , CMMC and VCISO services.

What do our clients say about us

Our clients trust and respect our team. They describe us as “on time and on-budget”, “extremely professional and very competent”, “extremely knowledgeable”, “diligent and tireless in their effort to support our needs”, “instrumental”, and “working as one team.” We maintain strong work ethics along with a high-performance record. Together we bring commitment, passion, and experience.

Our Strategy

Our team is not dependent on any single product ecosystem. Our delivery model is straightforward, and our agile team works remotely while our Project Managers work hybrid, both on-site and remote. This model helps us produce low-cost, high-value service delivery.
For work delivery, we overcome the technical challenges of remote working by using the latest technology for automation and collaboration tools, including Office 365, JIRA, Time Doctor, Microsoft Teams and more.

Why would you choose us

Canadian Cyber consists of a team of experienced professionals who have gained knowledge by working globally and continuously learning.
With more than 50 years of combined experience in cybersecurity, our team has exposure to the world’s top companies, making us experts in the cybersecurity domain. They work from different geographic regions and time zones, which helps bring various innovative ideas and methodologies to deliver outstanding services. Moreover, it also allows us to continue to assist clients around the clock.

Leadership Profile

Waqar Mehboob

Our CEO And Project Manager, Waqar Mehboob, has over 20 years of industry experience and an in-depth understanding of cybersecurity services. He has significant global experience in cybersecurity consulting, having worked with leading organizations in multiple geographies like Canada, USA, Middle East, Pakistan etc.

Some of his recent projects include the following:

  • A Trade Finance SaaS Company, Canada: Implemented SOC1 and ISO27001, designed all policies and procedures. Project Manager: Microsoft Azure Information Protect AIP project, Intune project, Sentinel project. Implemented GRC Platform (Tugboat Logic – One Trust). Led a team of 20+ consultants. Successfully passed ISO27001 certification Audit and completed the SOC1 Audit process. Currently working on SOC2.​ Solutions for which ISO controls were implemented are connected with banks, other digital payment systems and SWIFT networking.
  • A Commercial Insurance Company, Canada: CIS implementation consulting, cybersecurity controls assessment and now providing VCISO services.
  • Oil and Gas SaaS Company, USA: Conducted workshops for CIS Control Assessments. Developed over 40 Policies and Standards for SOC 2. Assisted in several VCISO areas including MS365 and Azure Security Monitoring – AD Alerts, MCAS Alerts, Phishing Simulation Attacks, and Ransomware Incident Response. Assistance in SOC2 Compliance. Vendor Management using One Trust Platform.
  • Digital Twin Solutions Company, Norway: Information Security Vendor due diligence support, Developed Policies and Procedures for ISO 27001
  • Poverty reduction program, Pakistan: Develop ISMS for ISO 27001. Provided consulting end to end from strategy to execution and successful certification audit.
  • Hospital, USA: Performed CIS assessment. Risk Assessment, Policies, and procedures. Hitech Assessment
  • Financial Institution – Pakistan: IT and Information Security Strategy for the Digitization project
  • Credit Union, Canada – Information Security assessment using COBIT 5 Maturity Assessment
  • Bank – Canada – SME for Information Security Audit Remediation
  • Bank – Canada: Information Security Risk Reporting for GRC Archer using Tableau and MS Access. Includes Security Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting. Assisted with various security projects including Security KPI
  • Bank – Canada: Information Security Audits, including SOX Audits
  • Bank- Canada: Audit Programs for areas such as Data Leakage Prevention, Fraud, IT Operations, Network Security, Disaster Recovery etc.

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