A Proud Moment For Canadian Cyber!

Note:We are delighted to announce that our esteemed client,

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We are delighted to announce that our esteemed client, Global Trade Corporation (GTC), has achieved the ISO 27001 Certificate with relentless effort and hard work of almost 2 years of the Canadian Cyber Team and support from the client’s team.

GTC@ and TFX are multi-bank trade finance platforms connecting global corporations to their financial institutions by automating and digitizing letters of credit, bank guarantees, documentary collections and supply chain finance. GTC licenses its software for In-House installation and offers Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Initially, it all started with GTC’s requirement of ISO 27001 certification, where we developed a plan & performed a Risk Assessment. Based on that assessment we developed, documented and implemented their policies. After overcoming all the hurdles, along with training of their employees and the collaborative effort of their team and the Canadian Cyber Team our client achieved the certificate of ISO 27001 from the certification body.

At the same time, we helped them to be SOC1 compliant and in parallel executed the SOC1 project. We also provided them with staff augmentation services for cybersecurity. Our team supported them in the implementation of technical controls including Intune, Sentinel, BLOB Storage, Azure WAF etc.

This was remarkable teamwork. Around 30 experts from Canadian Cyber from 6 different countries collaborated with GTC for over 18 months to help achieve not only ISO 27001, but also SOC1 compliance. Amazing project. Remarkable teamwork.

Time to celebrate and let’s get ready for more!